Board Level Training

These courses are designed to assist companies with managing the strategic level response to a major disruptive incident. Courses can be combined with others in our resilience training portfolio to create a more comprehensive crisis management training programme if required by the participants.

The individual courses focus on the different aspects of assessing and responding to unexpected incidents, including information management, crisis leadership and media & crisis communications.

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Crisis Leadership

Our strategic crisis leadership training provides study, discussion and practical application of the following topics:

  • The role of strategic crisis leadership within an organisation
  • The roles and functions of a Gold Team
  • The provision of strategic guidance – why, when and where
  • The management of strategic information – needs, wants and utility
  • Guidance for strategic teams – enabling executive team thinking with simple plans and guidance
  • Decision making and time management - matching conflicting priorities
  • What do subordinate teams want from their strategists and how do they get it
  • Support to leaders – what is needed by top teams

Strategic Crisis Communications: Theory & Practice

Examines the principles of effective communication, including audiences, media channels (traditional and social media), content, delivery and control. The course also provides practical application of message preparation, live media interviews to camera, press conference hosting and presentation techniques.

Crisis Management Principles

This course looks at the context and objectives of crisis management and investigates the best practice mechanisms and methodologies commonly used to manage information and record and co-ordinate the response.

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